On this week’s episode of ‘Beyond the Pale Ale’ I’m fortunate enough to be joined by Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Marcus Baskerville, from Weathered Souls Brewing Co. in San Antonio, TX.

We chat about their business model during the Covid-19 Pandemic, his journey from Sacramento to San Antonio, diversity in the beer industry, and of course about their ‘Black is Beautiful’ beer project.

With over 200 breweries across 35 states already involved in ‘Black is Beautiful,’ be on the lookout for this beer very soon, and make sure you listen, learn, collaborate, and work with local businesses to help spread the word on social injustice and how to fix systematic racism across the world.

Remember to keep supporting your local bars, restaurants, breweries and distilleries in these tough and emotional times.

If you want to yell at Matt about his interviewing skills, or lack thereof, e-mail him at matt@simplisticreviews.net or if you want to leave a general comment or maybe even want to throw your two-cents onto the show, e-mail contact@simplisticreviews.net

Show Notes

Black is Beautiful Project

Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

Know Your Rights Camp

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