On this episode of “Beyond the Pale Ale” I’m joined by one of my best friends in the beer business, Adam Crumley, the New Belgium Tennessee Voodoo Ranger himself!

This is also the first LIVE interview I conduct, but don’t worry we were doing respectful of social distancing rules and regulations.

Adam chats about the state of affairs on New Belgium while we enjoy some new products from their Voodoo Ranger line and pop a cork on a special beer while looking forward to the future of business.



Remember to keep supporting your local bars, restaurants, breweries and distilleries in these tough and emotional times.


If you want to yell at Matt about his interviewing skills, or lack thereof, e-mail him at matt@simplisticreviews.net or if you want to leave a general comment or maybe even want to throw your two-cents onto the show, e-mail contact@simplisticreviews.net

Show Notes

New Belgium Brewing


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