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Wheel Of Doom: Ep. 2 – Movie Commentary

There is a wheel that has been hidden for centuries. Hidden from the world for the power it welds. Its destruction is unlike anything you could imagine. And now its back. As a way to pick a movie for a terrible podcast. Behold the Wheel Of Doom!

After two episodes the wheel has finally broken us. I believe we need to rethink things and destroy this curse from hell. Unless you girls and guys like us getting severely mentally punished…wait do you?

Do you like us getting punished? How about physically punished?

Hummm, maybe this is a good time to speak to you about our OnlyFans page. If that doesn’t sound good, listen to this; every Monday we take a rusty linked chain and recor- Well, I don’t want to spoil it. So check it out for yourself!

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